Jacqui Gunnion Yoga

hatha yoga classes in consett,leadgate and shotley bridge

hatha yoga classes in consett,leadgate and shotley bridge

hatha yoga classes in consett,leadgate and shotley bridgehatha yoga classes in consett,leadgate and shotley bridge



Do I need to bring a mat or any equipment?

If you have a yoga or pilates mat that's great - bring it along. If you don't I have some spares you can borrow while you decided if the class is right for you. People often go on to buy their own mat after a few sessions. I provide all  other equipment such as belts or blocks when required.

What do I wear?

I suggest comfortable clothing that allows full range of movement. Joggers and T Shirt are fine Just make sure clothing isn't so loose that it will ride up or fall  over your head in forward bends! Definitely bring some warm clothing such as socks and a fleecy top or even a  blanket for the breathing and relaxation sections. Its amazing how much you will cool down in the final part of the class!

Do I need to book?

No. My classes are usually "Drop In" so there's no need  to book. However if a particular class or venue gets really busy that can change but there will be a notification next to the session in the "Classes" section. 

I've got a health problem. Can I still come along?

If it's a minor issue make sure you let me know at the beginning of the class  so I can decide if we need to modify some practices for you. If you have a serious or chronic health issue or have had recent surgery please contact me before coming along as I may suggest that you speak to your GP or consultant first. Your safety is my primary concern. 

I'm Pregnant - Can I come to the class?

No. You should go to a specialist class specifically for Pregnancy Yoga. if you cant find a class do  contact me and I'll give you the details of local teachers who run these sessions.